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Our bio cleaning technology

Our technology consists of two essential components:

1. Using our professional, high-performance three-power cleaning machine, that has a heat engine keeping the temperature of water at a constant level of 65-70 °C, the mixed chemical-free components get pressed with a 6,7 Bar pressure onto the surface through the material, and at the same time the pressed in water gets sucked through the cleaning head, so this way the material gets ”washed through” in depth: upholstery, mattress and carpet.

The above procedure in itself would not be special, but …

2. We mix our chemical-free cleaning agents on the spot using a 2 component powder substance mixed with water. When the mixture thus prepared reaches the right temperature, carbon dioxide-enriched water is produced and we press that into the material at high pressure. In the process of using the machine’s thrust and suction power, we also take advantage of the operation of physical and chemical laws, namely the oxygen molecules, such as bubble buoyancy force, that helps to bring all contamination from the fibres of material to the surface (American Chem Dry Ltd. bought patent). During the procedure, the previously used and settled down ”stuck” soap and other detergents are also released and will be removed.

During cleaning we not only remove the visible dirt from the surface, but at the same time dirt and other things (animal hair, etc.) appear from the deeper layers of the material are also cleaned off, so the material is completely free of dust, dirt, mites, bacteria and other contamination, that are annoying to human life, as well as microscopic size dirt and allergens. Due to this cleaning procedure former dirty stains on the material will not appear again when getting dusty. With other cleaning procedures or with the use of chemicals mostly only surface cleaning is done, or even if the chemical gets deeper into the material it stays there and does not have such effect than oxygen inherently capable of, that is why our technology is more than any other well-known technologies.

After application of our bio cleaning technology to the surfaces cleaned, the drying time, depending on thickness and type of material, is about 1/3rd of other generally used cleaning procedures, because – although „traditional” wet cleaning procedure is used and apparently similar amount of water is applied to the surface – our professional, high-performance equipment removes most of the moisture from the material.

Our carbonic acid-based bio cleaning method compared to normal technologies cleans through the entire depth of the surface, so called „deep cleaning” … however, we do not use soap, chlorine that are well-known but only apparently effective and are allergen cleaners, chemicals!

Sequence of our Technology

1. Dry cleaning with vacuuming

2. Removing any stains from the surface prior to cleaning

3. Special two-component hot-water cleaning using our chemical-free cleaning agents, while at the same time water gets withdrawn with our special machine from the surface

4. Dry cleaning of the surface with vacuuming, during this operation all dirt is removed that was brought to the surface by the oxygen