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Our company can not boast with a 10-20-30 years of history in cleaning, but it can with the offering for the time being an unknown and new cleaning method to our country, that is better, more efficient and healthier than traditional technologies.

Our company, NETFuture Ltd. was formed in 2010. Previously, major experience was gained at the German company called Burmeister Spezial Reinigung GmbH in its modern and environment-friendly bio cleaning technology, as well as in introducing to the market the Innoprop GmbH’s free of chemical industrial and domestic cleaning products. Furthermore, our company is the exclusive distributor in Hungary and in the neighboring countries for these companies, this technology and cleaning products.

Background: In 1998, the Innoprop GmbH bought the American Chem Dry carbon dioxide-based cleaning agents license, and based on daily use of experience it started to develop, produce and market these products collaborating with a chemical factory in Hanover. Today, they export their cleaning products to 48 countries. In late 90s the Burmeister Spezial Reinigung GmbH started to implement its carbonic acid-base bio cleaning procedure, and there are already more than 20 companies based on this technology in Germany, and we in Hungary, futhermore, we took share in cleaning the European Parliament buildings in Brussels.

Our company’s main activity is cleaning carpets, furniture and car upholstery using carbonic acid-based chemical-free BIO cleaning agents on the spot in private homes, offices and accommodation. Our work is being done based on the experience in professional practices and skills acquired in the field of special bio cleaning at our affiliate, and their specially developed and extremely efficient BIO cleaning agents are used only under strict control. (see websites at and

Beside the chemical free-cleaning of upholstery, furniture and car upholstery, we also deal with getting rid of bacteria of mattresses, prams, baby carriers and car seats, and our deep cleaning process picks up competition with any wet cleaning process known in the market. Our activities are in close daily contact with manufacturers and foreign partners – making this professional background also guarantee that our work continues to meet customers’ satisfaction …


Beside the guarantee and discretion, our company also has liability insurance for high amount, so our customers are not exposed to any damage or disadvantage.