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Car cleaning


Car upholstery cleaning without chemicals on-site job

We use the technique carbon-dioxide bio cleaning products for cleaning !

Car upholstery cleaning is always a trying task, since it is difficult to access in tight spaces, ledges, hidden corners, while there is frequent unexpected contamination due to movement of the car. Using our equipment in car cleaning we also have access to the most hidden places, and with our bio cleaning technology and chemical-free cleaning agents, even stubborn stains such ink, grease, oil, lipstick, food resume, gum, etc. can be removed without a trace.

The cleaning work is generally done at the site designated by our customer, it can be at home, a carport or garage, apartment parking lot in front, or – if possible – a secluded place at work. The only facility necessary to be provided is connection to electrical power, we have all other equipment needed.

When using the well-known and commonly used surfactant soap-based cleaning products, the edge of former stains often remains, so the residue quickly „revives”. In case of carbon-dioxide cleaning – as we do a complete deep cleaning – this does not occur, and not only all the allergy-causing mites, bacteria and other dirt vanish without trace, but they never come back.

Our company uses in car upholstery cleaning only self-developed, highly efficient, chemical-free bio cleaning agents, which saturates the fabric of upholstery with millions of tiny carbon-dioxide bubbles. The carbon dioxide molecules get pressed into the material and their buoyancy force helps to bring all contamination up to the surface adhering to the molecules, then it can be cleaned off easily from the seats and carpets. As a result, not only the surface gets cleaned of dirty spots, but their „root” will also be removed so the material will not contain any allergens.

Thanks to our 3-powered machine the newly cleaned car upholstery dries within a few hours (of course depending on external temperature) and the car is available again for use.

The car upholstery cleaned by us remain clean for a much longer period, as our technology implements a special impregnation to the surface of material, resulting in a low cost solution compared to traditional upholstery cleaning, as the material will not need to be cleaned often afterwards.


During winter time – taking into account external temperature and a much longer drying time – we only undertake the cleaning of car interior, where our clients can provide a properly covered and preferably a heated room to work.