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Carpet cleaning

Chemical-free carpet cleaning in your home, in your office using organic carbon-dioxide cleaning products!

Immaculately clean carpet – without using chemicals, locally, on good price!

In our cleaning method we do not use soap based surface-active detergents, only because in traditional cleaning and with using traditional cleaning products the edge of a previous spot remains, so the residue quickly „revives”. In case of carbon-dioxide cleaning, this does not occur, not only the traces of all dirt disappear, but they never come back!

During the bio chemical-free carpet cleaning procedure the material cleaned will get a special impregnation from our cleaning agents, which provides increased protection against further contamination, so the carpet stays clean longer. It results in easier carpet cleaning for next time, the time between cleaning periods is extended, resulting in significant cost savings …!

After the application of our bio cleaning technology the complete drying time of carpets – depending on thickness and temperature conditions – is 3-5 hours. Our method brings much less moisture to the surface of material compared to traditional methods, and our high-performance equipment removes it to a large extent. This carbon dioxide-based bio cleaning solution puts 20% less moisture into the surface compared to normal bio technologies, and yet the whole depth of the material gets cleaned through … while no allergens are used!

The Bio cleaning method

1. Dry cleaning with high-powered vacuuming

2. Cleaning of stubborn dirt stains from the surface

3. Hot water cleaning with our special two component BIO cleaning agents, while withdrawing water with our professional three-engine machine

4. Dry cleaning of the surface with vacuuming, during this operation all dirt is removed that was brought to the surface by the oxygen