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Upholstery, coach cleaning

We are the recommended cleaners of the NovaLife microfiber upholstery manufacturer in Hungary !

Chemical-free upholstery cleaning in your apartment

We use the technique carbon-dioxide bio cleaning products for cleaning !

Using our special bio cleaning method in upholstery cleaning we are able to remove the most stubborn stains, furniture in depths of bacteria and mites without a trace.

When using the well-known and commonly used surfactants, soap-based cleaning products and technologies, the edge of former stains remains, so the residue quickly „revives”, the surface of the material gets saturated with soap-based cleaning agents and will be a breeding ground for contamination. In case of carbon-dioxide cleaning, this does not occur, not only the traces of all dirt vanish, but they never come back.

Our company uses proprietary, highly efficient, chemical-free bio cleaning agents, which fill the valance with millions of tiny carbon-dioxide bubbles. During upholstery cleaning the carbon dioxide molecules get pressed into the material at high pressure, and their buoyancy force helps to bring all contamination up to the surface adhering to the molecules, then it can be cleaned off easily. As a result, not only the surface gets cleaned of dirty spots, but their „root” will also be removed so the material will not contain any allergens. Due to the rapid evaporation of carbon dioxide and our special equipment, the newly cleaned furniture upholstery dries within 4-6 hours – depending on thickness and temperature conditions – and the furniture is available for use again.

After our chemical-free upholstery cleaning being done, cleaned furnitures, prams and accessories remain clean for a much longer period, as our technology implements a special impregnation to the surface of material, resulting in a low cost solution compared to traditional upholstery cleaning, as the material will not need to be cleaned often afterwards.